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I have used it successfully with a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B to capture pictures of my backyard when motion is detected. The Pi can only capture at around 5 FPS or less, but that's just because the Pi is not a very powerful computer. I have tested the EasyCap with my PC and found that it can capture standard definition interlaced video at full speed.

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Video Grabber for Raspberry Pi. Posted by. Jacek Tokar. Posted on. February 14, 2014. Posted under. Hardware. Comments. 129 Comments. Im running the Raspberry Pi with Raspbian and an EasyCap grabber with a Fushicai chip. I got the grabber working. Have you used this with Hyperion?

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/21/2015Cheap CVBS car camera plugged into raspberry pi via easycap and then streamed using gstreamer over local network.

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Raspberry Pi Resources Our resources for other geeks, designers and engineers. / Pi Hardware / Raspberry Pi Camera / Streaming Video Using VLC Player. Installing VLC Player sudo apt-get install vlc Streaming The Camera Video Using RTSP. Enter the following command to start the streaming:

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I'm sorry, but the warning you get when you compile the kernel-driver is a compile-time issue, and has nothing to do with the internal frame size of your capture device.

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EasyCap DC60 (STK1160) + VLC + Xubuntu 13. 10 = OpenSource Video Capture!!: This tutorial is an overview on how to use VLC to capture the audio and video streams from a device using an Easycap DC60 (Syntek Chipset) and the 3. 5mm stereo microphone input of a …

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Raspberry-Pi Blog. Nieoficjalny blog miłośnik EasyCap – instalacja sterownika. video0 – easycap, plik wygenerowany w /dev przez sterownik stk1160, to może być kolejny wolny, np video3. fps – ilość klatek na sekundę.

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I have a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and am running Raspbian. I have a capture device (USB easycap) connected to the pi, and it is recognized and am able to open the video capture stream in VLC.

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The people behind PiCapture are Lintest Systems. That is to say, Al Testani and Marshal Linder, founders of the new company. “Until now, only the Raspberry Pi camera module or USB/network connected cameras could be used as a video source for video capture,” says Al Testani.

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EasyCAP en GNU/Linux:: receta Debian drivers multimediaMi, 2009-03-18 19:32 — oscarahVeamos como instalar el driver que da soporte a los dispositivos que utilizan los chipsets de la familia stk11xx, de Syntek Semicon, en concreto, para el EasyCAP USB. Hace poco …

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aspberry pi(树莓派) + easycap d60 视频采集 (一) 2014-01-15 23:12 5506人阅读 评论(5) 收藏 举报 本文章已收录于: 嵌入式开发知识库 分类: 树莓派 版权声明:本文为博主原创文章,未经博主允许不得转 …

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/29/2014Capture Raspberry Pi RCA video output with USB Video Adapter helloraspberrypi. blogspot/. . . VLC Media Player on Linux to capture Raspberry Pi RCA video

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/23/2013Easycap devices (stk1160, empia, somagic) currently are causing some problems with standard Linux disributions on the Raspberry Pi because of some RPI related USB issues. However, enhancements are in progress.