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The USBee SX (24 mhz)has Logic Analyzer, Digital Signal Generator, I2C, SPI and Async Decoder for $139. The Saleae Logic (24 mhz) has I2C, Serial, Serial, SPI and 1-wire for $149. The Link Instruments MSO-19 (60mhz) is a 1 channel oscilloscope, logic analyzer, pattern generator and a TDR for $249 USBee and Saleae are very similar.

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回は、aster94氏作のDIY Logic Analyzerを使わせて頂くが、これは、ArduinoやSTM32用で、これらとProcessingを使ってPCが上で利用

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Upload the logic_analyzer. pde file to your Arduino--I used the IDE but there is also a Makefile provided. (When using the IDE it'll want to move the file into a folder first. ) (When using the IDE it'll want to move the file into a folder first. )

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There is a nice work in the open source on using Arduino as a logic analyzer. I tested that out and could get it to work on 6 channels at 4 MHz. Rather impressive. I made a movie of the analyzer, testing it on another Arduino that is using a shift register.

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DSLogic-Core is a re-configurable circuit board based on FPGA technology with maximum 400MHz sampling rate and 256Mbit on-board memory. DSLogic-Core can work alone as a fully functional logic analyzer, along with various extension modules. DSLogic can also work as oscilloscope, data acquisition system, protocol analyzer and even RF analyzer.

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/17/2016Demonstrating the Saleae Logic 16 logic analyzer with Arduino using the I2C communication protocol.

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Arduino as a logic analyzer

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Logic Analyzers With a Tektronix Logic Analyzer, you can acquire fast edges with the industry's highest acquisition speed. Support packages tuned to your specific application makes it easier for you to probe, acquire, decode, analyze, and validate the performance of …

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Adafruit Industries, Unique fun DIY electronics and kits Saleae Logic - 8-Channel USB Logic Analyzer ID: 378 - A logic analyzer is a device that lets you watch digital signals in your electronics project. Unlike an oscilloscope, its not good for measuring analog signals - but also unlike an oscilloscope, you can track 8 signals at time!

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This SUMP protocol compatible logic analyzer for the Arduino board supports 5 channels consisting of digital pins 8-12, which are the first 5 bits (0-4) of PORTB. Arduino pin 13 / bit 5 is the Arduino LED, bits 6 7 are the crystal oscillator pins.

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0/1/2014NOTE: THE LATEST VERSION OF LOGIC SNIFFER DOES NOT NEED YOU TO DISABLE AUTORESET BY REMOVING COMPONENTS OR ADDING CAPACITORS/RESISTORS. 5. Connect the Arduino and upload the logic_analyzer. ino sketch. 6. Open the OLS folder and run the “run. bat” file. 7. After the program starts up press begin capture up the top.

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Arduino as a logic analyzer

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/19/2014However, this simple approach has some major limitations in terms of both sample rate and resolution so don’t expect an Arduino-based system to rival a …

Arduino as a logic analyzer

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DIY Logic Analyzer. Logic Analyzer, for Arduino, other AVR and STM32 with a very nice working processing interface, you could run it also on any Android device.

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My most popular logic analyzer is a Logic 4 from Saleae. The is the analyzer I used to benchmark Arduino’s digitalWrite . The Logic is a simple USB device with fixed input thresholds.