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Red Raspberry Leaf Information And Description: (Rubus idaeus) Red raspberry leaf comes from the raspberry plant. Red raspberry leaves are an excellent source of antioxidants and have been used for centuries in folk medicine, most commonly for women’s reproductive health concerns.

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Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus, spp) is one of the most well known and most loved fruits in the world, but in the herbal and midwifery world its leaves are also a dearly treasured herbal remedy for women of childbearing age. Raspberry Leaf is most popular as a tonic for pregnancy and labor, but it is

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Red raspberry leaf, which can be taken in tea or capsule form, helps strengthen the uterus muscles and balance hormones, and my midwife assured me it would help me have a shorter labor.

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Heath Heather Raspberry Leaf blend is made with 100% natural fruit and herbal infusions with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings. Their Raspberry …

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/20/2012Red raspberry leaf (Rubus idaeus) has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years. It has many benefits, both internally and externally. Many women have used it in late pregnancy, as it is supposed to ease labour.

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The Raspberry Leaf Herb. Rubus idaeus is a perennial shrub with biennial stems that grows anywhere from 3 to 9 feet tall. . The thorny canes emerge the first year as green stems and, depending on the variety, either don’t fruit or fruit very little.

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Be-aware that Red Raspberry Leaf is classified as a “likely safe” herb for use during pregnancy. It is a herbal tea made from the leaves of the red raspberry plant (it does not taste like raspberries).

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Red raspberry leaf – Relief of nausea, increase in milk production, increase in uterine tone, and ease of labor pains. There is some controversy over the use of red raspberry leaf in the first trimester , primarily because of concern of stimulating the uterine tone and potentially causing miscarriage.

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How to Make Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Red raspberry leaf tea tastes like a mild green tea, but without the caffeine. To make the tea, use about 1-teaspoon of crushed, dried raspberry leaves per 8-ounce cup of boiling water. Steep for at least 5 minutes and drink like regular tea.

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Of course, the delectable fruit of Rubus idaeus is a well-known and well-loved summer treat, but it’s the raspberry leaf you’ll find in this tea. With a silvery under leaf that is reminiscent of the moon’s glow, European and Native American women have used raspberry leaf for thousands of years

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Overview Information Red raspberry is a plant that is the source of a widely eaten, tasty, sweet berry. However, red raspberry fruit and leaf have also been used as medicine for centuries.

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Historically, raspberry leaf herbal cigarettes were introduced by the Native American women who smoked them in ceremonies. In fact, there is a historical account that the first idea for cigarettes came from herbal cigarettes that were wrapped in red raspberry leaves.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea Fertility Benefits. Red raspberry leaf tea is probably most commonly used for women’s health. Drinking red raspberry leaf tea has many, many benefits for women. If you are trying to conceive, again, it clears toxins from your system that may be preventing pregnancy.