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This is the first session: The story about A COMPUTER IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND THAT CAN THINK, MAKE, AND DO! This is an introduction to the Raspberry Pi, and a welcome to the neighborhood Hopefully this will get you interested, show you why you might want a Raspberry PI, and some of the things that you can do with it

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When the folks who make the Raspberry Pi made good on their plan to release a multi-core version of the tiny computer with 1GB of RAM earlier this year, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to put the single-board Linux box to work—real work—in our company's network operations center.

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/14/2013Fixing Samba master browser conflicts between multiple OpenElec instances This was happening when I would temporarily boot one Raspberry Pi to OpenELEC, I believe the wins support settings are needed for name resolution in Network Neighborhood in Windows: On the primary instance (the one that will always be running): - domain

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Wi-Fi packet sniffing / monitoring on Windows using Raspberry Pi - inspired by Wimonitor go to network connections (ncpa. cpl), right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter and select Properties. Under the Sharing tab, select the Ethernet adapter to which you will plug in the Pi. In a relatively busy Wi-Fi neighborhood, the Pi hardly consumes 35 MB

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It seems Window's network discovery / name resolution doesn't work anymore on computers freshly reset with the new April update for Windows 10 (Build 1803). (formerly Network Neighborhood). However, you can fix this, too, without using SMB 1. 0: Raspberry Pi; Stack Overflow на русском

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Contributing An IoT LoRaWAN Raspberry Pi RAK831 Gateway To The Things Network LoRa and LoRaWAN are getting the de-facto wireless IoT network in my area. It's no surprise that traditional telecom providers like Swisscom try to monetize the IoT sector.

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Six Great DIY Projects for Hacking Computers and Networks. Alan Henry. Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Pentesting Drop Box (and Disguise It In a Power Strip) the Rogue Pi is a network monitor

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Community based home security system using wireless mesh is a prototype system that promoting on proactive crime prevention through residential neighborhoods involvement.

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IT Club MATC (Raspberry Pi) Discussion Mar 10, 2017 I tried to use the Pi to turn my old printer into a network printer, but drivers aren't available for windows 10.

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One of them (the to each other.

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Raspberry Pi based Ignition control system . Fathima Jabeen A1 . Research Scholar, Department of Instrumentation neighborhood. Presently, Most of the cars have GPS systems installed which help the owners track Development and implementation using Arduino and Raspberry Pi based… 1991 radio frequency technology to start the engine [4

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Configuring Samba on Raspberry Pi, to share USB drives Raspberry network interface – raspberry has 100Mb/s network intercase so it can handle up to 12MB/s in my case usb HDD drive was capable of writing with such seed. In real time I got ~9MB/s write speed. to show up in your „Network Neighborhood” in the Windows boxes.

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The Raspberry Pi had been collecting WLAN information from around the neighborhood and had been sending it to HERE for a position whenever it had an internet connection. The data I later harvested was the latitude and longitude information.

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Raspberry Pi - Lightshow Pi When It All Started So it all started a few years back, when I discovered YouTube video of people that had put up Christmas lights, and had them blinking in sequence to music.